Welcome to Krepelin

On this page, we have collected information on everything we have been asked over the years.

If you can’t find the answer here, please call +358 400 987 978 and we’ll find out!


We can recommend the following restaurants. The first three can be found in Market Square. The square is 50 meters to the right when you enter the street that runs in front of the yellow main building.

Jungman: located at the waterfront, right by the bridge. The two-story yellow-white house. Local, elegant and tasty food. The menu changes depending on the season. In the summer, a terrace and always sea views. On weekdays, a two-course lunch at the standing table, at other times a la carte. jungman.fi

Crazy Cat: You can find it in the market square on the left when you look from the top of market to the waterfront. Steak-pizza-burger-style food in a darkish, cellar-like setting. crazycat.fi

Gastro: on the top of the market square. The style is between Jungman and Crazy Cat. On weekdays there’s a buffet lunch, a la carte at other times. Krsgastro.fi

Kristine Cafe & Cakes: cakes and local delicacies. Soup lunch on weekdays. Catering service. See their Facebook-page.

Breakfast and groceries

Our concept is: “Your home away from home”, which means that each apartment has its own kitchen, where you can prepare breakfast at your own convenience. Kitchen cabinets are stocked with coffee, tea, oatmeal and muesli. Please let us know if any of these are out of stock and we’ll fill the cabinets.

Fresh produce can also be picked up from K-Supermarket Selleri on Merikatu street 4. It is 500 meters from Krepelin to the watefront.

For an additional fee (10 EUR / person), we can bring a breakfast packet of bread, cold cuts, yogurt, juice and fruit into your apartment’s refrigerator before you arrive. You can inquire this also afterward and we’ll do our best to fullfill it.

In addition, a warm buffet breakfast is available at Crazy Cat‘s for 10 euros per person each day from Midsummer until the end of July.

Crazy Cat will also arrange breakfast at other times when there are at least ten guests and breakfast will be ordered in advance. Adress: Kauppatori 1.


In the summertime, it would be great if you could check out by 12 noon so we can clean up. There is more flexibility during the wintertime, so check the situation when you check-in or after.


Our sauna is free of charge with a room booking, otherwise, it costs 10 EUR / person / 4 hours.

Our sauna has an electric stove and is located at the end of the building row on the right when you standing back to the main building. You can request a sauna at any time during your stay.

Our sauna has been selected on the list of Visit Finland‘s “Top Finnish Saunas” campaign that is targeted for Japanese tourists. More about that here.


You can park in our courtyard wherever you see space. There is an “official” car park for three cars right next to the main gate, but you can also park in front of the main building.

If our yard is full, you can leave your car on any street flanking our lot.

There’s no parking control in the town so again you can park your car on any street you want.


We have bicycles for rent for free. They can be found on the bike rack at the end of the Bakery, the first red building on the right as you stand in front of the yellow main building.

You can borrow bikes whenever you see them, and there is no booking system. Use as long as you want and return.

Here in Kristinestad you don’t need to lock the wheels so you can park and leave them freely anywhere. 🙂


Downstairs on the porch of the main building is a small table with walking maps. But basically: everything worth seeing five blocks to every direction from Krepelin so just start walking and you can’t miss them.

The Tourist Information Office can be found right next door to us at Itäinen Pitkäkatu 49 street (next house to the Market Square from the main building). There you will find more detailed information about the town, its surroundings and opening hours: visitkristinestad.fi.

Personally, we always recommend the following:


Due to the Cittaslow spirit and membership of the town, Kristiinankaupunki has just a few shopping venues. The main shops can be found all around the market square. In addition, we can recommend the following:

Flea markets: The flea markets in Kristiinankaupunki tend to appear in connection with larger events or be temporary. You can try to search for them on Google with this search. City events can be found here: visitkristinestad.fi/experience/events.

Susanne’s Shop: handicrafts and local delicacies in the village of Lapväärtti, five kilometers east of Kristiinankaupunki city center.

Franz & Alexandra: gifts and decor in the Corner Mall.

Ayur Veda Nordic operates from Kristiinankaupunki. There, you can find beauty and skincare products in accordance with the ayur veda philosophy. You can conveniently shop through the online store and pick up the products from the mailbox, which can be found a hundred meters from Krepelin at Kirkkokatu 2a, the white stone house. Mention this when ordering. Of course, you can also order the products directly to your home.

We also have our own little webstore. Check out the products in here. They can be browsed, picked up and paid also at the reception.

Welcome to Krepelin!

Please let us know if we can still be of help!