STF 3 – Krepelin STF development program

To participate in the Sustainable Travel program of Visit Finland, the organisation has to launch an improvement project.

One does not need to fix everything at one go. Instead, the organisation has to demonstrate that it has a capability to improve its sustainability in a systematic way.


The development project plan of Krepelin is freely available to read in here. How to read it:

  • ID: a running task number
  • Status: status of the task
  • Category: work package name
  • Topic: specific topic
  • The change: the description of the quality criteria
  • Value: the relative sustainability value generated to customer by performing this task
  • Complexity: the relative complexity for Krepelin to complete this task
  • Round: the number of the development sub-project
  • Schedule: deadline by which to do the task
  • Responsible: who’s assigned to perform the task
  • Evidence: explanation or a link to a document that explains the completion of the task

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