STF 1 – Krepelin’s own sustainable journey has started

Krepelin joined Visit Finland’s Sustainable Tourism program in January 2021. The decision is recorded in this minutes of meeting (in finnish).

The program is a seven-stage development program that a tourism operator can e.g.

  • promote sustainable, fair and equal local conditions
  • increase safety and quality of business, and
  • support the protection of nature and the sustenance of the local cultural heritage.

We at Krepelin have been promoting these locally already for years, but through this program the goal is now to get an official certificate for it.

In addition: if 51% of local tourism operators have the certificate, Kristiinankaupunki itself will also get it. This is important, because without the certificate, the local tourism operators nor cities will have no business in Visit Finland’s campaigns in the future.

Also: if we do not have this certificate, tourists will in the future drive past Kristiinankaupunki.

So: the matter is important. That is why we at Krepelin challenge all local tourism operators to take part in this work.

But fear not: we’re not alone here: ​​Kristiinankaupunki Business Center has just appointed Janne Smeds as the local project manager and he will help us to get us organised.

Please contact the Centre directly to start your own journey!