STF 2 – Improving the sustainability competence in Krepelin

Participating in Visit Finland’s Sustainable Tourism program requires increasing the organisation’s own competence.

This is conveniently done by first reading the “Sustainable Travel Finland e-guide”, which at the time of writing is only available to participants in the program, but the public material can be found with this Google search, for example.

Second, the organization should map out its current status by conducting a self-assessment. The results of Krepelin’s self-assessment can be found in this file (in Finnish). It’s not quite the most readable in the world, but more important is the development program.

The third way to increase one’s own skills is by participating in trainings, of which we have participated in the following:

  • March 31, 2021 “Introduction to Responsible Tourism” and “Sustainable Travel Finland Program” organized by The Business Centre of Kristiinankaupunki. These were super interesting!
  • 22.4.2021 Sustainability seminar of the Association of Finnish Municipalities
  • 3.5.2021 Making a development plan
  • 21.5.2021 Certificates of Sustainable Development
  • 15.9.2021 Inclusive tourism
  • 18.11.2021 “Hållbar turism i Österbotten” info session
  • 8.12.2021 Indicators