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Recipe collection of the Parman ladies

Recipe collection


Recipe collection of the Parman ladies

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Captain Johan Gustav Parman and his wife Agatha Elisabeth had four children, Gustaf Adolf, Hilda, Hilma and Anna.

When Captain Parman got shipwrecked in a marble cargo off Newfoundland in 1871, his wife and daughters, accustomed to social life, stayed in a home at Itäinen Pitkäkatu #63 and sold flowers, seeds and plants at Kristiinankaupunki Market Square to maintain their standard of living.

When Margaretha Reinlund became the current owner of the house, she, along with Monica Sirén (the granddaughter of Captain Parman’s granddaughter), found a recipe book among the house’s papers, and in 2008 made this collection. Most of these are pastries, but there are also recipes for salty foods, juices and jams. The recipes tell about the food culture of that time and the influence of distant lands and shipping on Kristiinankaupunki.

At Krepelin, we have tested a few recipes and they are very good. However, please note that the recipes have to be practised a few times, because these include no oven heat levels nor baking times, because there were no electric ovens at the time of Parmans.

The 23-page booklet contains e.g. the following recipes: meat sausage, wine soup, rhubarb juice, gingerbread and balls.

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