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Calming wild herb tea

Wild herb tea from wild raspberry and nettle leaves and dried organic rosehips

Calming wild herb tea


Wild herb tea from wild raspberry and nettle leaves and dried organic rosehips

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Wild herb tea from Finnish wild raspberry and nettle leaves and dried organic rosehips from the Bulgarian Rose Valley.

The color in the short brew is pale green, in a longer brew it turns golden yellow. The leaves can be brewed up to three times with a few minutes per brew.

Taste: natural, mild, green herbs, honey.

About the blend: Krepelin’s neighbor Ayurveda Nordic designed the blend. The leaves of wild raspberry and nettle, in turn, were picked by Hanna from Gorento in the vicinity of Seinäjoki, Finland. This time, rosehips are organic from the Rose Valley in Bulgaria via Ruohonjuuri.


  • Wild raspberry is known to treat stomach and fight viruses and harmful bacteria. The tannins it contains shrink the mucous membranes and curb mucous cough. The quercetin in the leaves protects against allergies and asthma, relieves joint pain and strengthens the heart and blood vessels. Note: raspberry is not recommended for pregnant women during the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Nettle is commonly known as a whole body booster. Nettles can be used for the treatment of urinary problems and anemia, as well as for lowering blood pressure and blood sugar. Nettle is also diuretic and can control inflammation.
  • Rosehip is nature’s own antioxidant, and due to its high vitamin C content, a good herb for treating fever and fatigue. Rosehip has traditionally been used to treat anemia, headaches and infectious diseases.

Take this cup in the evening before going to bed or when cold symptoms occur.

The jar is handcrafted by the tinsmith Läkki & Lelu K. Gråholm in Vähäkyrö, Finland. The jar is of a thin sheet metal, 9.5 cm high and 8.5 cm in diameter. The label is lightly affixed, so when the tea is finished, this makes a convenient storage jar for home use.