Krepelinin piha joulukuussa 2022

Winter holiday

A program proposal for a winter vacation in Kristiinankaupunki

Pyhävuori - rinteet dronella

Winter in Kristiinankaupunki

Winter vacation coming – what could one do?

The ski slopes may not be the first thing that come to one’s mind when thinking about the very flat Ostrobothnia, but we do have them: Sotkanrinteet in Kauhajoki, Parra in Teuva, and our own Pyhävuori only 15 minutes from the center of Kristiinankaupunki.

You can build a completely different winter holiday here around skiing and downhill skiing, because there is something else in Kristiinankaupunki not available elsewhere: a completely unique living history and wooden house idyll that people come and see from afar.

Hotel Krepelin - Rooms - A2 - Bedroom


Check in to your accommodation. Agree on a the additional program at check-in (see the “Additional Program” section for more information).

A short city walk, for example, with the city’s Digimap. Paper maps can also be found in Krepelin apartments and reception. Here’s how the town looks like in the winter.

Dinner at Crazy Cat Restaurant.

Pyhävuori - lapset rinteessä


Check out the Pyhävuori skiing resort information here. Skis and other equipment can be rented out. There’s also a restaurant.

Tip 1: if you arrive on weekdays, you can spend the day in the city (see “Other program”) and go to Pyhävuori by 5 p.m. If you arrive on weekends: you can go to Pyhävuori after breakfast.

Tip 2: on weekdays, lunch can be enjoyed in either the restaurant Jungman, Gastro or Crazy Cat. Also, every Krepelin apartment has its own kitchen where you can make your own food and favourite pot of coffee or tea anytime you like. Please check the apartments in here.

Then just go downhill or cross-country skiing all day.

Pyhävuori - latu auringonlaskussa

Additional Program

You can very well go downhill in Pyhävuori every day, but if you sometimes feel like doing something else, here are a few suggestions:

You can add one or more of our experience packages to your Krepelin reservation. Please agree when booking.

You can agree on a Doerz experience by a local resident through the city’s tourist information site. Out of them we can recommend Ghost Walks. They are suitable for adults and individuals and is an exciting way to experience the local history. See details here.

If you are interested in sightseeing, a museum or other place outside of its opening hours, please contact us when booking. We can arrange many places open even at short notice.

The other city events, attractions, shopping and other experiences can be found here. The tourist office will help and advise in all matters at Raatihuoneenkatu 2b street.

Hotelli Krepelin - Sauna

And that's not all!

Interested in cross country skiing? Local people tell about the latest status of the tracks in this Facebook group

There are plenty of group sport activities happening, which are shared in this Facebook group

When it’s been below zero degrees for long enough, the city bay freezes over and you can walk on an ice path all the way to the southern tip of Kristiinankaupunki called Kanuunakalliot (The Cannon Bay (and you can ask the locals why it’s named like that ;)). The path starts near the Jungman restaurant at the waterfront. The exact coordinates are here.

After all of this you may want to try our sauna. It may have been built in an old spice storage, but it is completely modern inside. You can book your slot at our reception or by calling us.



Please make booking inquiries with this form or straight in our own system.

Early winter offer: when you pay your booking in advance, you get a free day pass to the Pyhävuori ski resort!

Also, perhaps at checkout, you’d like to buy a piece of Kristinestad to go? We’ve gathered locally sourced or produced and handmade products in our webstore. Products can be bought also at our reception.

“Very friendly and helpful host, great location, really nice apartment in an old building, excellent sauna – we felt very welcomed and definitely come back when visiting again”. Daniela, Denmark