Lightpainting is a special photographic technique that can be used to create exciting effects.

Here’s how it works:

  • We darken the room and lock the camera shutter open
  • Stay ab-so-lutely still for 10-30 seconds. During this time, the photographer and assistant make patterns in the air with a flashlight.
  • When the camera closes, you can move again. Then we’ll see how it went and take another shot if we notice any room for improvement. The pictures below all took 3-6 shots.

“I first saw lightpaintings in the Missing music video of the band Arcadia in 1985,” says Harri Alatalo, creative director of Hotel Krepelin.

“I was blown away. That such a thing was possible!

I made my own first experiments with lightpaintings in 1993, but it wasn’t until the autumn of 2021 that the idea and the realisation really met, when we made the “Neon Hotel” photo series for Krepelin’s Instagram account with photographer Arttu Haimi“.

Now I would like to invite you, dear reader, to make your own lightpainting of yourself in Krepelin during the Halloween weekend starting 28.10.2022 at 18.00.

So come alone or take a friend and let’s create a unique light painting of you, the likes of which no one else is guaranteed to have!

Please see the form below for times.

If the slots get fully booked, the shoot can continue from 14.00 on 29 October until the evening and even Sunday morning 30 October between 1000-1300. I will update the list as bookings start coming in.

Do this

  1. Email me using the form below or call 050 407 6684 Mon-Fri between 17-20, Sat-Sun between 12-15 to arrange your time.
  2. Before your own session
    1. Think about if you want to sit, stand, lie down or be in any other position.
    2. Also think about the color of flashlight you want. You can also leave both of these up to us to decide and we’ll see together on the spot what we come up with!
    3. You can also bring along an object if you want us to highlight it in the photos in some way.
    4. For inspiration, you can view other people’s light painting pictures here
  3. Clothing: monochrome clothing works best, e.g. black and/or white.
  4. Note: as you have to stay still during the shoot, this one’s not really suitable for babies if your child is very active. A sleeping, reclining or sitting child can be photographed, though.

On the day of shooting

  1. Come to the ground floor of the Krepelin main building 5-10 minutes before your time and follow the signs. The address below.
  2. We’ll take your photo(s). In half an hour we can take 1-2 photos.
  3. The price for one photo is 39 EUR and with 60 EUR you’ll get two. You can pay cash or by card on the spot at the end of the photo session.
  4. I’ll collect your contact details. Arttu will process your photo in a few weeks, after which I will send you a link to your photo. You can then use it however you like with the hashtag #hotellikrepelin. For example, a paper copy can be ordered at Studio Safir in Kristiinankaupunki.
  5. If you give me permission, I would be happy to use your photo in future years to promote the Krepelin in social media. Let’s agree on this at the end of the shoot.

Best regards

Harri Alatalo

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