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Nature wakes up and birds gather in the historical Kristiinankaupunki

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Spring in Kristinestad

Kristiinankaupunki, Finland’s only Cittaslow city, is the perfect place for a spring break.

The Cittaslow philosophy emphasises unhurried living, local sourcing and humane, environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. Since 1999, nearly 300 cities worldwide with fewer than 50,000 inhabitants have become Cittaslow cities.

In Kristiinankaupunkiwe similarly have no big events, no amusement parks nor other big happenings, but strive to promote everything local, handmade and sustainable – the authentic local experiences.

Therefore, the city is ideal for those interested in history, traditional architecture, restoration and nature. On Easter Saturday, we also have an Easter event for the whole family and the Spring Market around the same time. Details available in the city event calendar.


Why Kristinestad?

Unique Nordic wooden town that never burned. 300 wooden houses still left mainly in their original condition.

For birdwatchers there is the city’s North Bay area and the famous bird tower in the southern village of Sideby.

The Bötombergen ski resort is that is open as long as there is snow.

The Galleri Gottorp, where you can learn more about the local history of medieval witches.

For fishermen, there’s the Lappfjärd river, where trout migrates from the sea to the spawning grounds once the ice has disappeared.

The pre-Ice-Age Wolf Cave that may be more than 74 000 years old.

With these ingredients, you can create your own spring break, just as nature is again coming to life.

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Upon arrival

  1. Arrival in Kristinestad
  2. Check-in. Agree on programme at check-in (see below for details).
  3. A short city walk with for example to the city’s Digital Map. Paper maps are also available in Krepelin’s apartments and reception.
  4. Here you can see what the city looks like in spring.
  5. Dinner at the Crazy Cat restaurant.
Hotelli Krepelin - Kauppa - Postikorttikokoelma - Kristiinankaupunki - Lebellin Kauppiaantalo


  1. Go downhill or cross-country skiing in the Bötomberge as long as there is enough snow. More info here.
  2. 10 minutes north of the square you will find the Pohjoislahti Nature Trail with routes of various lengths and where also lots of swans will rest on their migration routes. The map of it and other hiking routes can be found here and the coordinates of the starting point here.
  3. A longer walk can be made to the southernmost point of Kristinestad, Kanonviken. Coordinates here.
  4. Try our ready-made cycling routes. In Krepelin you can borrow bikes for free and you can find the routes in here.
  5. For fishermen, there is the Lappfjärd river, where trout migrates from the sea to the spawning grounds when the ice has disappeared and continue to do so throughout the summer. More information on fishing permits can be found here.
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  1. Participate in a Ghost Walk. Our Ghost Walks are suitable for adults and individuals and is an exciting way to experience the local history. See details here.
  2. On weekdays, lunch can be enjoyed in either the JungmanGastro or Crazy Cat restaurants.
  3. You can add one or more of our experience packages to your Krepelin booking. Please inquire when booking.
  4. City events, attractions, shopping and other experiences can be found here.
  5. Do you enjoy sauna? In Krepelin we have one and it can be booked by calling us in +358 400 987 978 or at check-in. Photos of the sauna can be found here.
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Sights & shopping

  1. Visit the unique Lebell Merchant House, where you can see how a wealthy merchant family lived in the 18th century. Contact us in advance and we will arrange for the museum to be opened for you.
  2. The Maritime and Fire Brigade Museums, on the other hand, has a lot to discover about the history of the local fire brigades and maritime business.
  3. If you are interested in a self-guided tour to another attraction, museum or location outside opening hours, please contact us when making your booking. We can arrange for many sites to be open at short notice.
  4. For shopping, we recommend A. Talas Second Hand. Check opening hours here.
  5. At checkout you might want to buy with you a little piece of Kristinestad? In Krepelin’s online shop we have collected locally produced, made or purchased products and you can browse them here. You can also come and look at the products at our reception upstairs in the main building.
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“Christinae Stadh”, a hidden gem on the west coast, is an elegant wooden town that is unusually well preserved in Finland and protected from the great scourge of Nordic cities: fire. Well-kept wooden houses, mostly from the 18th and 19th centuries, regularly line the street grid, with a magnificent town hall at the centre.”

“Our own establishment, Hotel Krepelin, offers nostalgically elegant accommodation in Finland in a well-preserved former sea captain’s house from 1812. I rarely get a feeling in domestic destinations that this is almost like Europe – but now I did.”

“A beautiful old building and a friendly welcome. We’ll come here again.”

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Welcome to Kristinestad!

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