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Hotel Krepelin

An unforgettable experience


Looking to stay in an idyllic apartment, searching for a place to rest or are you after historical experiences?

We have something for everyone.

Welcome to Krepelin!


Hotelli Krepelin - Elämyspaketit - Wellness

Science and wellness according to the Ayur Veda philosophy


Hotelli Krepelin - Elämyspaketit - Historia

The city and Krepelin history in two hours ending in coffee or tea in Krepelin Salong


Hotelli Krepelin - Elämyspaketit - Instagram

Discover the most instagrammable places of the city in this one-hour walking tour to the locations only the locals know

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    Staying at Krepelin is a sustainable choice.

    We are an ECEAT Finland certified hotel also with the right to use the Visit Finland’s STF label. Read more here.

    Hotelli Krepelin - Kauppa - Postikorttikokoelma - Kristiinankaupunki - Ulrika Eleonoran kellotapuli


    Events that Krepelin is joining:

    2-3.10.2021: St Michel’s Market

    4.12.2021: Christmas Homes

    June 2022: The Open Gates and Yards event

    July 2022: The annual Summer Market. Cafe. Antique store. The traditional Krepelin flea market

    3.9.2022: The Old Time’s market day. Societe Helsinki visiting Krepelin and the Lebell’s Merchant House

    Hotelli Krepelin - Ohjelmasuositus - Kaupunkikierros

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