The Wellness package

The Art of Living


The Wellness package is provided by Krepelin’s neighbour Ayur Veda Nordic and it is based on the ayur veda philosophy.

The term “ayur veda” comes from the sanskrit language and means “the knowledge of life” (ayur = life, veda = knowledge). It is a five thousand year old form of medical science originating from India and its objective is the perfect possible health. This is achieved by balancing the connection between body and mind, which easily gets disturbed in our hectic life.

The Krepelin Wellness package includes an ayurvedic health consultation, and ayurvedic treatment and product bag.

Price 119 EUR / person, incl. VAT. Duration approximately 2 hours. Please make inquiries directly at The treatment and the consultation are done in the Ayur Veda Nordic premises close by to Krepelin or, if you wish, an adapted version can be arranged in your Krepelin apartment.