Hotelli Krepelin - Elämyspaketit - Instagram

The Instagram package

Explore the most instagrammable locations in Kristinestad

Hotelli Krepelin - Elämyspaketit - Instagram

In the Krepelin Instagram package Harri, the Creative Director of Krepelin takes you by foot or by Krepelin’s own bikes to the most instagrammable sites and locations in Kristiinankaupunki that only the locals know. A few of them listed here.

You’ll use your own mobile phone for selfies and additionally we’ll also use it to catch you and the sights from beautiful angles. You just need to do the filtering, though with what we have here in Kristiinankaupunki rarely requires any editing. Hashtag #beautifulKristinestad.

In the end you’ll have dozens of great photos ready to be posted in your feed as well as a list of even more sites to explore on your own.

Price 25 EUR / person incl. VAT. Duration 1 hour. Please make inquiries with the form on the main page or email below.