Hotelli Krepelin - Ohjelmasuositus - Kävely

24 hours in Kristiinankaupunki

Hotelli Krepelin - Ohjelmasuositus - Kevät

Day 1

  1. Check in at Hotel Krepelin starting from 14.00
  2. Ask for the white paper walking map from the staff, or, open your mobile phone and enter the digital version, and take the town tour. Then consider this:
  3. The Ulrika Eleonora church is open only from mid-May to late-August from Monday to Friday from 9-16 so you may want to head there first. However, we can arrange it to be opened at other times so do let us know in advance! The church will charge 50 EUR for it, though.
  4. Another time-bound location is the design shop Kunstkomero on Rantakatu street #39. You can check out their opening hours from their Facebook page or DM them directly through their Instagram account.
  5. Feeling like it’s time for coffee or tea? Kristine Cafe & Cakes is behind the corner from Kunstkomero and you can see their opening hours on their Facebook page. Alternatively you can pop in to the nearby grocery store, K-Supermarket Selleri and enjoy coffee and tea in your own Krepelin apartment or the yard just the way you like it. While at Selleri, you may want to pick up something for your breakfast (in case you want to make it in your own Hotel Krepelin apartment).
  6. Ready for dinner? Head to the market square where you’ll see the restaurants Jungman at the waterfront, Crazy Cat at the basement of the City Library and Gastro up at the western side of the square.
  7. Want to soak in the atmosphere still? Borrow one of the bikes from Hotel Krepelin yard and take a ride to the Pukinsaari Camping, where you can buy Finland’s biggest ice creams and stroll around the beach for some amazing views.

Then enjoy a good night’s sleep and let your mind process all that you’ve experienced.

Hotelli Krepelin - Kristiinankaupungin siluetti mereltä nähtynä

Day 2

  1. If you ask us, morning walks around the town when it’s just waking up is one of the best times of the day. You can take a nice 30-60 minute stroll going to the Market Square and walking over the stone bridge to the “East Side” of the town and admire the city skyline from one of the docks.
  2. In the summer time, the restaurant Crazy Cat offers a buffet breakfast for 10 EUR per person. Otherwise your own front porch or Krepelin apartment provides all the modern equipment to make your breakfast just the way you like it.
  3. Missed some of the sights, shops or museums yesterday? This is a good time to check out the last locations. If you ask us at Krepelin, one can’t really leave Kristiinankaupunki without having visited the Lebell’s Merchant house. We can arrange it to be opened just for you if you just let us know in advance!
  4. Finish your trip with lunch at one of the above mentioned restaurants. And book your next stay! Kristiinankaupunki is very different in the four seasons!
Hotelli Krepelin - Kauppa - Kristiinankaupunki-kassi


  • Interested in a guided version of the above? Our Instagram Package might interest you.
  • Want to buy something to remember the town by? Do check out our Webstore. Products can be picked up in the Reception.
  • Want to time your stay with one of the local events? The Events section in has a calendar.
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